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The Project

I'm Callie Meyer and this is my undergraduate research project. The full title of this project is Reclamation of Monstrous Bodies: Monstrosity as an Allegory for Queerness in Film.  I've shortened it for your convenience.


I started this project because I have an interest in monsters and the supernatural. I also have an interest in queer stories and noticed that the two started to overlap in some of the media I was engaging with. I was familiar with queer coded Disney villains and queer storylines in TV (especially the really bad ones) but I wanted to take a deeper look at the relationship queer people have with villains and monsters.


The queer coding of these characters was specifically interesting to me because of the idea that queerness and villainy are connected, but usually when they are only implied to be queer. What are considered 'villainous' traits are important to look at when determining how people feel about those with traits outside of what is considered 'normal.' 

Additional Reading

Some books that explore this topic further.

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